Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Steamed Sprouted Bread Pudding w/ Bananas & Pecans

Sometimes I feel so creative in the kitchen and sometimes I don't.  But summer's over and I'm back from Singapore and its too cold to do water aerobics....SAD, sad, Sad.  I guess I'll start cooking and blogging again...hopefully I'll get a small following and maybe someone will buy an item and I can make a small sum since I'm out of business because of the friggin economy and my very bad sense of timing : (

I worry about falling into the rut of lousy eating...comfort foods, I want them now...the SAD diet.  But I want them healthy if I want to eat bad I have to make it good...meaning healthy so I won't get fatter and I won't feel guilty.  It is just a friggin' loop.  I struggled with food my entire life.  Always overweight at least during my adult years...there really weren't many fat kids when I was growing up.  I can only remember one husky boy and a girl with fat knees.

So tonight I created this awesome healthy guilt free bread pudding.

Yummy and oh so comforting.

Sorry pics coming....I haven't seen my camera since I got back from Singapore...I'm so disorganized sometimes.

Laura's Steamed Sprouted Bread Pudding w/ Bananas & Pecans

4 slices of Ezekiel Sprouted Bread any kind really ( I used Sesame for mine)
2 eggs
2 bananas smashed
a tiny amount of grade b maple syurp
1/2 cup 40 calorie Almond Breeze Milk
some cinammon
some nutmeg
pecans chopped

rip the bread in chunks, beat eggs with almond milk, add cinnamin and nutmeg, pour over bread and let soak in, mix once in a while, add pecans, rasins and bananas mix all ingredients together and place in bamboo steamer and steam for about 10 min or until knife blade comes out clean

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