Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do What You Love and Call it Play

For all of my adult life I considered exercise a form of torture.  Sitting on a bike going nowhere with sweat pouring down my body.  Walking on a treadmill and seeing nothing but the television set in front of me.  Pulling on a chain with a handle and calling it rowing....I hate all of it. 

What I do love is riding my Schwinn bike on a country road with the wind blowing in my face, cooling me down and making me feel alive, walking in the woods and seeing chipmunks, deer and wildflowers, or hopping in my Emotion Kayak and feeling one with the water.

A few years ago I heard someone say "do what you loved as a kid" and really it changed my life.  The thing about that statement is you can apply it to all kinds of things.  Pick a career by doing what you loved as a kid.  Exercise by doing what you loved as a kid.  It makes sense doesn't it.  When you're a kid that's all you do are things you like doing., it's called play.  As a kid you don't sit on bikes that go nowhere, my bike was my escape and it still is, now that I got off the bike that went nowhere.

I love the water, as a kid we always had a pool, the above ground kind.  Not big enough to learn to swim in and thus I don't know how to swim, but it doesn't negate my love of water.  Now I live in a beautiful condo with access to 4 pools.  I spend time in one of them every day.  I bought an Aquafit package that included dumbbells, a flotation belt, and webbed gloves.  Now I can go into the deep end of the pool and play with my weights, elongate my body, splash and kick that's doing something I love.

Eating real food is a great healing thing to do for your body.  Playing will keep your mind, soul, and body young.  Together you have the recipe for a happy life and you will see you body change.

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