Friday, July 16, 2010

Juicy Juice

I love takes time and energy but it is so worth it!  My basic ingredient in my juice is carrots...from there I go crazy.  The juice pictured is carrot, ginger, beet topped off with a shot of wheatgrass.  I juice for a couple of days worth  at a time just because juicing does take time.  The wheat grass however, is juiced as needed, I want to squeeze every drop of nutrition out of my wheatgrass because I grow it myself and the yeild is a paltry 6 ounces per tray.

I had an Omega juicer until about 2 weeks ago.  I paid $25 for it on eBay and it served me well for years until I decided to try juicing my wheatgrass.  Just a handful of wheatgrass in the Omega Juicer froze the motor and it never worked again.  That expensive mistake forced me to look for a new juicer.

My new juicer costs $265 on sale from Amazon.  It did come with free delivery and my Chase Amazon Credit Card had accumulated $100 worth of points so it ended up costing me $165.  I purchase a Breville Juice Fountain Elite and when I first used it I thought...this will save me hours thank god my other juicer burnt out!

With the Breville I no longer have to cut the veggies small enough to fit in the hopper!  I can fit 2 large carrots in the Breville hopper at once.  It can handle whole apples and beets, now it takes me minutes not hours to juice.  My Omega had a basket that needed emptying after 4 or 5 carrots.  The Breville has a huge basket that I may only empty once or twice per 3/4 gallon of juice depending on the veggies being juiced.

Since I've been juicing the benefits are evident.  My skin is clear and my eczema gone, gone after years of nothing else working.  My energy level zoomed upwards especially after adding that shot of wheatgrass.  I even think my eyesight has slightly improved with all the carrots, I find myself looking less for my reading glasses although I still need them often.
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