Monday, July 19, 2010

The Green Green Grass of Home.....Grown!

I'm still learning how to grow wheatgrass, after 8 flats grown not a single one grew like the other.  Some had big bald patches where nothing grew, another had moldy seeds, and another grew perfectly.  I did find that soaking the seeds for a couple days in water helps them sprout easier.  Growing wheatgrass is a challenge and well worth the effort consisdering the energy boost it gives me along with the overwhelming sense of well-being.

When I tried my first wheatgrass shot  I thought it tasted like freshly mown grass smells....very, very green.  I never drank a plain shot again I started mixing it with carrot juice and it went down easier. 
That first shot of wheat grass came from a commerically purchased flat of grass from "Whole Foods".  Wheatgrass is too expensive to buy at $12 a flat so that's when I decided to grown it on my own.
Juicing wheatgrass takes a lot of effort and time but I find it worth it.  DON'T try juicing in a regular juicer they can not handle the strong fibers of the grass.  I bought a cheapy little wheatgrass juicer on Amazon and finally figured out how it works after reading all the reviews on Amazon.  But before I read the reviews I gave up on it and tried to juice my grass in my died that day after a long useful life.  After it's death I read the Amazon reviews on my wheatgrass juicer in one review the author described in detail how to use it.  Whala!  I was getting wheatgrass juice out of that cheapy juicer!

I've tried energy drinks before, I actually had a seizure in Costco after sampling an energy drink.  They called an ambulance and the EMT told me that I wasn't the first to have a siezure from an energy drink.  It actually was my second seizure for that type of drink.  The amazing thing about wheatgrass for me is I get all this energy with out any of the jitteriness or seizures of the energy drinks.

I use the pulp left over from juicing.  I roll the leftover fiber into 2 rolls about 5" long each and insert them under my lips onto my gums.  I extract a lot more juice from the fiber and it is beneficial to gum health.  I heard of others....this you might find gross...who actually insert it anally for colon health.  Haven't tried that one!

Please note that any product advertised through on this blog is a product I use myself.  If you have any questions about the products I would be happy to answer them.
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