Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sugar Reborn! Hallelujah!

I found a big old plastic bag of white sugar packets in my pantry the other day.  I was ready to throw the bag in the garbage when I thought what if I have guests that want sugar in their cofee...what kind of host would I be if I couldn't offer sugar to a guest!   I should have thought what kind of host would I be offering poison to my guests....but let's just say I'm still working on the programming in my head that says sugar is yummy.

I put the bag back in the pantry unsure why I was reluctant to throw the white poison away...was it me just being thrifty, not wasteful, or was I becoming a hoarder!  So what was I to do with a huge bag of white sugar packets that for some reason I was having difficulty parting with?  

And then last night at around 11:00 pm I had the light bulb moment!  I grabbed a bowl and start tearing the packets open three at a time. I then squeezed the juice of one fresh lemon into it and then added about 2 tbsp of aloe vera juice.  Mixed it all together and gave myself a face scrub.  It was just awesome.

I was surprised that the sugar did not disolve in the lemon juice and aloe vera.  When I rubbed it into my skin the mixture felt like sandpaper, so I lighted up on my rubbing pressure.  The result was it tightened my skin up and it felt so soft...I couldn't stop looking in the mirror.    I'm going to do a scrub again this morning because I had enough left for another application, this stuff is just too good to throw away.  I want to mention that I did get some of the mixture on my lips and I did taste it, of course it tasted yummy.  It was pretty funny and ironic that the thought ran through my head that I shouldn't do that again....don't want to ingest poison, knowing the poison that white sugar is and how horribly it affects my body when ingested.

***Update when I went to use the leftover scrub the sugar had dissolved so rather than throw it away I just added more sugar.

New official habit in my daily ritual!


1/2 cup white sugar
juice of one fresh lemon
3-4 tbsp of aloe vera juice

For my next batch I'm going to add more sugar to make it a little thicker, I'm going to scrub for at least one minute and then I'm going to leave it on for 5 min....can't wait to see those results!

Fill pretty bottles with this scrub and give it away as's that good.
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