Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soy Perfect!

Practice makes perfect and I think I've finally perfected this recipe for a "no guilt" soy pie.  The crust is made of pecans and dates, the center is tofu with grated lemon peel, the top is any crushed fruit you choose.

No fancy name attached to the recipe I haven't thought about one.  I've made this pie about 1/2 dozen times and finally I think it's soy perfect!

The thing about this recipe it is so healthy I eat it as a meal sometimes.  It makes an awesome breakfast.

Here's the recipe and some photos to show the proess.

6-8 dates soaked in water for 4 hrs (or until plumped up)
1 cup raw pecans (I have used other nuts)
1 banana sliced
2 pkgs of extra firm tofu
zest of 1 lemon
2 tbsp grade b maple syurp
1 pint of blackberry, blueberry, or raspberry

After soaking the dates but in a large bowl and smash.  Chop the nuts and add to date mixture.
Mix together then press into pie tin.  Slice banana and place on the flat surface of tin.  This keeps any liquid left in the tofu from making the crust soggy.
Break up the tofu with a large fork and make into tiny pieces.  Add the maple syurp and mix with tofu then add the entire zest of one lemon.  Mix together and pour onto crust. Press tofu down to make a nice uniform mound.  Smash berries so that juices flow and pour over top covering it completely.  You and your guests will love this!

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