Friday, July 16, 2010

Edible Leather

Last night I had 5 over ripe mangos.  This morning I had mango fruit leather.  Rather than toss the mangos in the trash, I peeled them...they still tasted great, they were just really juicy and messy to eat.  So I got a fork and mashed the heck out of them, spread the mixture thinly and evenly over the non-stick dehydrator sheet and dehydrated over night for about 12 hours.   Next time I will put the mangos in a food processor to eliminate those lumps.  This morning when I woke up I had fruit leather with no added sugar...great treat for kids.  What's great is you can make any over ripe fruit into leather.  You can store the leather wrapped in wax paper in the fridge, it is delicious cold.

I made one batch of leather just plain mashed mango.  Another batch I added hot pepper relish to the mashed mango.  Nothing goes better than mango with hot sauce and this proved that point one more time.  The sweetness of the mango and the hotness of the peppers is a taste treat, try it sometime.

* I have 2-1gallon bags of frozen fresh peaches (I purchased a huge case of peaches for $5 at the Hartford Regional Market) taking up precious room in my freezer.  I defosted one and processed the peaches to a smootie texture in my Vitamix.  Then I made Peach Leather with it in my dehydrator....delicious!

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